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UAV based environmental monitoring methodologies dedicated to MSW landfills and industrial sites

April 10th, 2024
 - 10:50

The environmental impact of industrial sites such as refineries, production sites, purification plants and MSW landfills has long since become a non-negligible problem. The pressing need to curb climate-changing emissions puts both research centers and stakeholders in the position of having to implement increasingly innovative methods and tools that support the control, monitoring and quantification of emissions. This work describes the result of the research activity started in 2019 and still in full swing, through which the project team has structured innovative methods for monitoring pollutant emissions in airborne matrix, using UAV- based platforms. Specifically, the work describes two different lines of approach, the first aimed at measuring methane concentrations in airborne matrix, mainly dedicated to diffuse biogas emissions in MSW landfills. The second type of activity, on the other hand, is aimed at industrial sites of various kinds and is based on the measurement of the concentrations of specific pollutants, always in an aerosol matrix, such as fine dust, by means of a multi-tool sensor equipped on a drone. These protocols base their functionality both on the incessant research aimed at miniaturizing the sensors and making them more and more efficient and scalable in concert with the flexibility of the platforms and with the incessant research aimed at the knowledge of the phenomena to be observed. In fact, given the innovativeness of the method and noting the almost total absence of consolidated experiences from which to draw certain bases, the greatest effort has been made in the study first of all of the emission phenomenon to be observed and equally important in the interaction between the emission phenomenon, intervention ecosystem and relevant technology. Further effort in terms of research and implementation has been put into identifying the correct workflow of processing, analysis and interpretation of the datasets produced, not deriving from classic and consolidated methods, therefore with proven interpretations, but rather the result of innovative methods that therefore require specific skills of interpretation and enhancement of the data.


Donatello Fosco - WME 2024 Theatre Zone Speaker

PhD student, University of Bari 'Aldo Moro'

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