Why Visit?

Our exhibition hall will host the leading companies from the entire waste management value chain. And because time is of the essence for our planet and our drive towards a sustainable future, meeting the whole value chain and seeing what they can supply is of critical importance.

You will be able to find, compare, validate the suppliers that will deliver for you. You will be able to discuss both By visiting Waste Management Europe 2022 in Bergamo, you will find, compare and validate suppliers that will deliver for your company. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to discuss technicalities and budgets while saving yourself and your teams a year of wasted meetings, expensive travel, and frustrating procurement efforts.

A year of searching in just three days

Save yourself travelling round to suppliers and having lengthy suitability discussions over email by meeting all your potential suppliers in one place and at one time! 

Understand what is possible

Discover what you can achieve and what is available to help you. And crucially, understand what is unrealistic. This insight into strategies and technologies is priceless. 

Network, network, network

Get the latest industry intelligence, discover what your peers and competitors are up to, forge new and lasting relationships and be at the cutting-edge of waste management.

Always Learning

Hear the thoughts of the industry regulators and the key people who set regulations. By attending, you can ensure your strategies are future-proofed.