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Ministero Ambiente Sicurezza Energetica
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Marta Schiraldi

Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability Head, Nestlé Group Italy

Conference Speaker

Marta Schiraldi takes on the role of Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability Head of the Nestlé Group Italy as of 2021. Marta has more than 20 years of experience in sustainability, health, quality and food safety. In her professional life, Marta has always embraced great challenges and changes and in fact today she leads the development of the company's sustainability pathway, with the aim of achieving the Group's ambitious goals, including making 100% of packaging recyclable or reusable, leading concrete circular economy projects, reducing CO2 emissions, achieving zero net emissions by 2050 and reducing food waste, involving all players in the supply chain, right up to the end consumer.

A food technologist who has always been passionate about research, science and technology, she began her career within the Group as a researcher at the international R&D centre in Lausanne and then worked in research & development, quality, safety and sustainability for large food companies including Nespresso Italiana, for which she led projects related to reducing the environmental footprint and recyclability of coffee capsules, giving them a second life with both environmental and social benefits.

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