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Edoardo Slavik

R&D Manager, ERICA Srl

Conference Speaker

His Professional career took place entirely in the industrial sector, where he was Company Manager for 15 years; his skills are mainly gained in the chemical industry and in waste and wastewater treatment plants with traditional processes and/or with advanced thermal and chemical processes.

For 15 years he was Technical Director of the largest liquid waste treatment center in Italy.

For several years he was also involved in the development of the environmental technology business, mainly in Middle and Far East, and in 2015 he was Project Manager of an order in the Oil & Gas sector, worth approximately €5 million, for projecting and building of a wastewater treatment plant in Oman at the Sohar refinery.

Actually he is a freelance and he deals with industrial and environmental consultancy.

In this context, he has coordinated various research and development projects and is currently CEO of a leading company in Lombardy in the field of treatment, recovery and marketing of industrial wastes.

He coordinated PFAS REMOVER research and development process, that led to the obtaining of 2 registered patents


April 10th, 2024
 - 11:55
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