Nord Engineering

Nord Engineering is a leading company in the smart waste management sector which, with the design of highly technological, customized, sustainable, and efficient solutions implemented through green technologies, has achieved the goal of overcoming the limits of traditional waste collection by developing the exclusive Easy Collection System: an automatic bilateral single-operator equipment capable of collecting different types of containers made ad hoc and used in over 20 countries around the world.

Innovation and automation define the system: the versatility of our range of equipment with compactors, opencast bodies or containers washing machine is accompanied by the peculiarity of the Easy through which the emptying or sanitizing cycle of the containers becomes faster, simpler, and safer thanks to the fixing guaranteed by the F-90 coupling device.

Managed through software, the whole work cycle takes place in total safety under the supervision of a single operator in the driver’s cab.

The on-board electronic instrumentation allows communication among devices and optimizes the performance of vehicles and ecological locations from a Smart City perspective.