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Welcome to the world of Winwaste.net, ERP for waste management leader in Italy.
For over 30 years Nica srl , with offices in Naples, Bergamo, Rovigo and Turin and with a partner network present all over Italy, we accompany our customers discovering a network made up of high technology, competence, constant updating and attention to detail.
A network of tools, innovative and efficient, capable of pushing the user experience to the limit of multimedia.
We guide our customers in a world of training, information and support with add-ons that only Winwaste owns.
Winwaste.net is not just a software for waste management but a group of professionals who will put at your disposal 30 years of experience in waste management sector.
Winwaste.net, the first multimedia system for waste management.


Eco-friendly information arrives directly on your desktop to inform you about the most important news.
Live news, legislative columns, technology, events, exclusive interviews and reports from waste world.
Ricicla.tv player is inside Winwaste.net and complete the offer of training and information developed by Nica srl.
You can also follow us on www.ricicla.tv and on our online supplement www.riciclanews.it