Montello S.p.A is an Italian leading company that operates in the treatment, recovery and recycling of post-consumer plastic packaging and organic waste since 1996. It covers 450.000 sqm area, of which 120.000 sqm are indoor for the treatment of

  1. A recovery and recycling plant that treats OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste), with a capacity of 695.000 tons per year or organic waste – equivalent to the annual production of 6 million inhabitants, Biogas, generated by anaerobic digestion phase is used to produce:
    – Electricity and thermal energy
    – Biomethane used as advanced biofuel for transports. Through this process CO2 is also recovered for industrial and food applications.
    The composting aerobic phase permits to obtain a high quality fertilizer.
  2. An integrated sorting, recovery and recycling plant that treats about 300.000 ton per year of post-consumer plastic packaging, equivalent to the annual production of 8-10 million inhabitants. This process allows us to sort different kinds of plastic by specific polymers and transforms them into new raw material such as PET flakes and HDPE, LDPE, PP and mixed polyolefinic granules.