Kima Eko Engineering Srl

Kima Eko Engineering srl is an innovative start-up in terms of technologies, operational structure and sustainability.

Licensee of 4 international patents, Kima Eko Engineering has selected and brings together multidisciplinary “masters” profiles in the energy sector to offer customized solutions from the grid to renewable generation systems.

Being sustainable and achieving a widespread LCOE and LCOH are our primary focuses.
With the resources of the territory we produce renewable energy, hydrogen and methane and we reduce CO2 emissions thanks also to the careful management of the load and grid .
Remote and / or disadvantaged areas can be electrified with our modular and compact systems to allow the supply of drinking water, food and medicine storage, etc.

Our anaerobic, laser and elliptical spheres technologies reuse sewage sludge, end-of-life tires, plastics, biomass, industrial waste and scrap and our structural structures are the photovoltaic roof for greenhouses, buildings and mobile units.

Our head office is at Kilometro Rosso innovation center, located in Bergamo and we have subsidiaries in France, Poland and Belgium.