Geo Studio Engineering Srl

Our company is an engineering studio that from about 8 years develop authorizations for biomethane plants. As a result of MD 02/3/2018 that encourage the construction of bio-methane plants, we develop plants with capacity from 250 to 500 Smc/h powered by by-products and/or waste (MSW). The treatment of matrices, expecially in presence of MSW, takes place in sheds that work in depression served by automatic opening and bio filters to avoid odorous emissions. All our plants, are designed with a composting plant, which turns the digestate into compost for bio agriculture. The Italian Government argues biomethane plants with MD 02/3/2018 and with the new Decree BM advanced fuels that will be published by Official Gazette before Summer 2022. to date, our company has designed and authorized 5 waste plants and 6 by-product plants in collaboration with important industrial partners in the sector. We have 25 projects in work progress.


Marco Meneghello