Renewable energy from Mini Anaerobic-Digestion units, perfect for treatment of organic waste and residuals, rice-husk-based products, biodegradable in Nature

Future Power Group offers a range of integrated solutions aimed at ensuring full sustainability and circular economy; we find resources among what is considered waste and residuals, we offer new products and technology, innovative for their specific use and able to help eliminate any environmental impact during the entire life.

FUTURE POWER, operates in 3 distinct but complementary and synergic areas:

  • FP-Techn. Dept. & R&D innovative “solid” Units, for co-gen. of electricity and heat. Designed to be efficient, they are available in very efficient, reliable and profitable modules that can progressively increase the operative power. Fed only with the organic waste, available in the territory and anyway to be disposed of, they do not need further virgin materials. At the end of the biological digestion and regeneration cycle, they provide an excellent “bio fertilizer”.
  • Natural and biodegradable products by Vipot®, obtained by mixing a special vegetable blend with Rice Husks, skins discarded during the refining of the cereal (husking). Rice-husk is considered a waste, present in large quantities even in Italy, inconvenient due to significant and expensive disposal problems. FP is instead capable to use it as raw material for new natural products, which biodegrade even in various predefined times, but only when they are into contact with the soil, or in anaerobic facilities like above, closing the cycle. Pots for flowers and plants or colorful and decorative for different applications, professional as well as hobbyist. But also Good-4-Food products, like dishes, bowls, glasses and much more.
  • Eutopia® is a new brand in the horticultural market and icon of sustainability as well. Shortly on the field…

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Thursday 23rd June