Fratelli Zappettini

F.lli Zappettini operates in the industrial sector and in the public administration sector, with a wide range of services for the management of the environmental and ecological aspects.
We operate in Italy and abroad with: industrial cleaning, transport, waste management and disposal, hydrodynamic washing and environmental remediation.
Our vehicle fellet includes more than 150 vehicles, including dust extraction plants, suction excavator for solid suction (including rubbles), tanks for liquid suction, trucks, sweeper machines, canaljet (various size and cubes), recycle, high pressure for industrial washing.
We have also vehicles equipped for video-inspections (manual ora robotized, with record on digital media).
F.lli Zappettini’s plant is located in Seriate (BG); it occupies an area of 30.000mq including headquarters, warehouse, vehicle fleer, internal mechanical workshop and storage/sorting plant.
We offer flexible, punctual and efficient services, observing environmental and security requirements.