Eco Tirrena

ECOTIRRENA SRL has its registered office in Castelnuovo Scrivia. Registered in the Register of Companies of Alessandria and to the National Register of Environmental Managers of Piedmont for categories lE, 4E and 8F. Our Core Business is the collection and transportation of waste vegetable oils (CER 200125).

We also deal with:
  • Transport of non-hazardous waste
  • Hood washing
  • Environmental sanitation
  • Pest control
  • Rodent control
  • Transport of animal by-products category 1-2-3 (EC Reg. 1069/2009)
  • Disposal of foodstuffs not intended for human consumption (category 3)

We are present throughout the country with dislocated facilities and a company fleet of
vehicles of various sizes.
Ecotirrena provides service to commercial activities and installing ecological islands at the disposal of Italian municipalities (promoting the domestic collection of the citizens and thus eco-sustainability). All activities are aimed at environmental protection, hence the continuous evolution of production processes. To the attention to raising the awareness of institutions and individuals to ecological issues.
In 2013, the company joined Conoe, a consortium established with the function of organizing, controlling and monitor the supply chain of exhausted oils and fats for environmental finances, to protect public health public health and with the aim of reducing waste dispersion.
Ecotirrena has obtained the 2016 ISCC Sustainability Certification, an international system for certification of biomass and bioenergy. In fact, waste vegetable oil is used as a base material for realizing products such as glycerin, lubricants and especially green fuels (economic value even in the procurement phase of the waste).