We have used our technical expertise since 1984 to offer our clients waste treatment solutions for both the recovery and treatment of wastewater and process effluents. We design and manufacture high quality systems integrating Low energy Vacuum Evaporators and Concentrators in multiple configurations to meet our clients environmental, commercial and operational requirements. We work to ensure that scarce water resources are safeguarded and valuable by-products are recovered. The investment made in the waste treatment system can be significant and therefore we will always investigate whether there is an economic opportunity to generate a return on the initial investment or reduce future operating costs.
Compared to the majority of companies that promote a certain type of plant, Eco-Techno offers all type of Evaporators depending on the type of primary power supply and type of wastewater to treat.

More than 3,200 evaporators installed worldwide are the proof that Eco-Techno’s technologies are the best solutions to “BE WASTEWATER FREE”.