Eco.Lan S.p.A. is a joint-stock company with total public capital consisting of 63 Member Municipalities operating in the integrated waste management sector (collection, transport, recycling and disposal of urban waste) for a population of about 220,000 in the territory of Frentano, Sangro-Aventino, Ortonese-Marrucino and Alto Vastese.
Established in 2010, it has the characteristics of an in-house providing company; in fact it is controlled by the municipalities and carries out the main activity in favor of the member municipalities, provides integrated services for the management of the cycle of urban and similar waste in the territory of its member municipalities such as door-to-door collection service, transport and recycling of differentiable fractions, disposal of urban and similar waste not otherwise differentiable and everything related to the management of the aforementioned activities, including the construction and management of relevant plants.