Cristanini Spa

CRISTANINI range of systems is huge and it includes equipments for sanitization of waste bins like MINI SANIMATIC, equipment for removal of graffiti and chewing-gums like GHIBLI SKID UNIT 180/21and equipment for the revitalization of precious surfaces, monuments and historical buildings like GHIBLI SKID SILENT+MIXER. Moreover, the company provides solutions to decontaminate and sanitize against the virus COVID-19 with the innovative system VAPOR VACUUM M8. To complete the production the company manufactures also highly technological firefighting first intervention systems with high pressure nebulized water (Water Mist technology) such us FIRE STOP and WJFE300, among others. All CRISTANINI Systems are ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, simple and ready for use, designed and produced in Italy. CRISTANINI company always provides tests and certifications related to the efficacy and reliability of its systems.


Serena Masin