Circular Fuels Ltd

Circular Fuels Ltd (CFL) is a joint venture between Dimeta (a joint-venture between SHV Energy and UGI International, two of the worlds largest LPG market players) and KEW Technology. CFL is a specialised project development company, which develops construction-ready rDME production plants using KEW’s proprietary advanced gasification technology.
The first rDME production facility will be ready by the end of 2022 thanks to the additional operations adjacent to the Sustainable Energy Center (KEW’s gasification commercial-scale plant in the UK), and the intended location for first large-scale project (50.000ton/year of rDME derived from 250.000ton/year of RDF) has been announced to be in Teesworks, United Kingdom.
CFL aims to develop other 5 similar projects by 2027 in Europe and the United States by 2027, establishing key partnerships with local stakeholders to build reliable projects. The aggregate investment is estimated to be up to >£1 billion.