CDP Energy

CDP Energy was established in April 2013 in Romania and has private, local capital. The current activity of the company consists of the extraction and processing of stone. The company holds an exploitation license for quarrying aggregates in Păuliș, Arad, Romania where it carries out its current activity on a total land surface of more than 130.000sqm.

CDP Energy aims to become an important name on the local/regional market by expanding in the field of recovery services for sorted recyclable materials. We wish to provide high quality services and products at a fair price, with an optimal price/quality ratio and to become one of the top companies in the region and neighboring areas, including Serbia and Hungary, adapting to market trends and customer needs.
The company’s mission is based on the idea of incorporating sustainable, business-friendly conduct (customers, suppliers, employees) and high ethical standards into the company’s value agenda. As a company entering a growing, competitive and diversified business environment, integrity is essential for long-term success and must be placed at the heart of any business strategy. The company aims to assert itself as a loyal partner and competitive supplier, able to meet specific customer needs.

Our medium and long term objectives converge towards providing quality services related to the recovery of sorted recyclable materials (crushing, cleaning and sorting of waste, such as demolition waste, to obtain secondary raw materials), services that will contribute to the sustainable development of the area and support the circular economy.

The company holds several authorizations, approvals and certifications: S.M.C SR EN ISO 9001:2015, S.M.M. SR EN ISO 14001:2015, S.M.S.S.O. SR EN ISO 18001:2008, Certificate of attestation on execution and coordination of works related to exploitation of mineral resources – useful rocks, Railway supplier authorization, Certificate of conformity of factory production control for: aggregates for bituminous mixtures, aggregates for legal or non-hydraulically bound materials, aggregates for railway ballast, aggregates for concrete, aggregates for embankments, asphalt mixtures, bituminous emulsions.