Anaergia is a stock exchange listed company and it is one of the word-leader company in waste transformation: it converts organic waste into energy thanks to unique technology solutions.
Anaergia has a wide global presence with 8 offices, 3 factories and +1700 projects all over the word.
Its EMEA center is in Treviglio (BG) where the company works directly with productive sites and the Canadian headquarter.
Anaergia operates in the following sectors: biosolid, SSO&OFMSW, agricultural and food processing and MSW, providing high-tech technologies and processes with a strong attention to the land needs.

Anaergia believes in circular economy where sustainability, people and energy are keywords of it: therefore, the mission of the Company is to work in synergy with the environment and its inhabitants.
The company plans and builds concrete solutions where technological innovation and care for the environment are the most relevant objectives: Anaergia’s idea of circular economy is always evolving, and the common models of sustainability are considered the basis to fuel a more and more sustainable world.


Giulia Filippini

Senior Application Engineer

Elisa Maj

Consulente segreteria Marketing