Valentina Coletta

Quality Director, Ferrarelle

Valentina Coletta, Ferrarelle

Valentina Coletta has been Quality Director for Ferrarelle Società Benefit since November 2021. She is responsible for guaranteeing the safety of beverages marketed by the group, starting from springs, right up to the finished products. She is responsible for compliance with both current legislation and voluntary certifications gained by the company. Valentina also works to support R&D projects to ensure quality and a process of continuous improvement.

Valentina obtained a degree in Management Engineering in 2006 and then worked in quality departments of consolidated food companies, assuming roles of increasing responsibility. In 2018, Valentina started her experience in Ferrarelle as Quality Manager of the plant dedicated to the recovery of PET plastic coming from municipal waste to produce R-PET food packaging used for the bottling of mineral waters produced by the company.

That plant is an example of the bottle-to-bottle economy and Valentina gave her contribution for the startup of production lines, defining quality references for a process standardization and for product compliance, establishing technical specifications. This project was an exciting experience in Valentina’s professional career and gave great satisfaction in terms of the concretization of the concept of eco sustainability, a core value both for Valentina and Ferrarelle Società Benefit.