Paolo Peri

CEO, Kima Eko Engineering

In 2001, after ten years of experience in multinational companies in the energy field, Paolo Peri founded the first company dedicated to services such as engineering and the testing, supervision and start-up of transmission and power generation plants.

In 2005, the company expanded by adding services in the world of renewable energy, dealing with photovoltaic, wind and biomass generation systems. Since 2008, his companies have intensified research and development on modular solutions for the re-use of resources, and energy storage. He has intensified collaborations with scientific and research bodies and has become co-inventor of new technologies in the world of pyrolysis by filing two patent applications, jointly with the University of Bergamo, that became international patents between 2020 and 2021.

In 2018 he created an innovative start-up, Kima Eko Engineering, grouping together the licenses of the redeemed patents and the shares of know-how companies active in the renewable energy and circular economy.