Nicolas Meletiou

Managing Director, ESO RECYCLING

An expert in international sales and fluent in several languages, Nicolas Meletiou has many years of experience in a variety of managerial positions in different geographical areas. He has successfully carried out worldwide marketing operations and strategies, sometimes combined with the creation of new products, from the initial study to final marketing, obtaining excellent results in the consumer goods sector. He has experience working in a number of industries and companies in different sectors, working in various roles, such as general manager, CEO and chairman.

In September 1997, Nicolas switched to the field of ecology, focusing on innovation aimed at environmental protection. Two years later this experience led him to establish ESO, a company specializing in the collection, disposal and, most importantly, the valorization of special office waste. To date, some of the most important banking, IT and large-scale retail groups are among the company’s customers. ESO RECYCLING is a new company that specializes in the recycling of sports equipment.

Nicolas is also an athlete and an enthusiastic runner.