Mario Schembri

CEO, GreenPak Co-op (EXPRA)

Mario Schembri is a leading expert in waste management with over twenty years of experience in the field. Early in his career, he worked on several waste projects promoting sustainable practices, waste minimization and materials recycling. He has led various environmental impact assessments of treatment facilities, such as engineered landfills, energy-from-waste facilities, and composting plants, as well as sewage treatment plants, including the re-use of treated effluent.

For the past twelve years, Mario has actively promoted extended producer responsibility amongst private enterprise, legislators and regulators, as well as with local government and the public. Consequently, he is regularly invited to speak at international fora in the field of waste recycling.

Mario has a first degree in engineering and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management. He has occupied the post of CEO of GreenPak since its formation in 2005 and is also a director of the Brusselsbased Extended Producer Alliance, EXPRA, the not-for-profit umbrella organization for packaging and packaging waste recovery and recycling systems.