Jaana Røine

CEO, Green Dot Norway (EXPRA)

Jaana Røine has twenty-five years of experience in recycling, as Marketing Director and, later, as CEO of Green Dot Norway. Since 2008 she has also been CEO for Plastretur, a plastic packaging and agriplastics business, and Norsk Returkartong, a carton and beverage carton manufacturer in Norway.

During her twenty years as CEO, Jaana has built up Green Dot Norway from being an almost unknown player to becoming a well-known and trusted brand for Norwegian consumers and for industry, with over seven thousand customer companies. As the CEO for two material companies, she has had responsibility for reaching national recycling targets for both plastic and cartons.

Jaana was born in Finland and has lived in Norway since 1985. She has a bachelor’s degree in economics and administration and was a laboratory technician in Finland. Jaana is a board member of EXPRA, the Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance, based in Brussels.