Fabrizio Labatessa

Sustainability Project Manager, Novo Nordisk

Fabrizio Labatessa joined Novo Nordisk in June 2021 as Sustainability Project Manager. Fabrizio has lead the Electric Path project, the project that aims to instal charging stations in the most important hospitals in Italy.
The project has already been implemented through the installation of more than twenty charging stations at eight hospitals. Electric Path is part of the NN strategy ‘Circular for Zero’ that has the goal of reaching ‘zero environmental impact’ before 2030.

Fabrizio will be the one to implement the Take Back Programme in Italy, the project that aims to give a new life to used injectable pens, transforming them into lamps, chairs and other items, in a perfect application of the circular economy.

Before Novo Nordisk, Fabrizio was a Sustainability Analyst for ARB SPA.