Cristina Del Piccolo

Process & R&D Manager and Chief Technical Officer, Evaled Division, Veolia Water Technologies

After a gaining a degree in Industrial Chemistry and experience in a research project, Cristina joined Led Italia, which became part of the Veolia Group in 2003. The company specializes in evaporation units for wastewater treatment. In the company, she has worked in the Process Department in charge of feasibility studies, selection of the most suitable solution, definition of performance, and follow-up of the installations.

Cristina became the Head of Process Department and, for a period, she was also involved in large design and build projects, including all processes and treatment technologies for water and wastewater treatment available within the Veolia Group (chemical-physical and floatation, biological, both aerobic and anaerobic, filtration, membranes separation, oxidation, etc).

After an internal reorganization of the company, I Crisitina went back to the division dealing with standard products, taking the responsibility of process, innovation, and product management for evaporation and floatation standard units applied to wastewater treatment. Since the beginning of 2022 she has been Chief Technical Officer of the Evaled Division, still part of Veolia Water Technologies Group.