Christian Steiner

Deputy CEO, Explosion Power

Christian Steiner, Deputy CEO, Explosion Power

Christian Steiner is co-founder and Deputy CEO of Explosion Power, a company specializing in optimized boiler cleaning with shock pulse generators. Explosion Power has delivered over 900 patented shock pulse generators, for retrofit and for new builds, particularly for WtE, biomass, hazardous waste and coal-fired boilers, as well as waste heat boilers in metallurgy. The SPGr-Series was delivered in Autumn 2020.

In 1992 Christian gained an Msc in mechanical and process engineering from the Swiss Federal Technical University in Zurich; in 1996 he was awarded a PhD from the same university, with a thesis on circulating fluidized bed combustion of deinking sludge and sewage sludge, in co-operation with Von Roll Environmental Technologies Ltd.