Alba Dakoli Wilson

Deputy Team Leader, ISWM Berat Project, FLAG

Alba Dakoli Wilson, Deputy Team Leader, ISWM Berat Project, FLAG

Alba works for the Foundation for Local Autonomy and Governance (FLAG) and for 25 years has contributed to the decentralization processes in Albania and abroad. Environment and waste management, her postgraduate specialization is an area in which Alba contributes locally and nationally, as co-team leader and institutional expert for elaboration of the Masterplan for Integrated Solid Waste Management, deputy project director and expert for two institutional support projects in the Korçë and Vlorë Regions.

Alba works closely with Berat Region local government units as deputy-team leader and institutional expert for the SWM Project, supporting comprehensive developments for integrated waste management in the waste area. She helped develop a framework for setting up an organizational basis for inter-municipal cooperation in waste management. For the past nine years, mainly through the CoE, she has supported CEE countries, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia with her expertise in inter-municipal co-operation and local government training and association development.