Giovanni Finotto, Ca' Foscari University (Assoreca)

Giovanni Finotto

Professor of Safety and Health, Department of Molecular Sciences & Nanosystems and
the Department of Liberal Arts, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Vincent Favier, CEO, Ecoslops

Vincent Favier

CEO, Ecoslops

Marco Botta, Project Manager, Business Development, Eni Rewind

Marco Botta

Project Manager, Business Development, Eni Rewind

Christian Steiner, Deputy CEO, Explosion Power

Christian Steiner

Deputy CEO, Explosion Power

Valentina Coletta, Ferrarelle

Valentina Coletta

Quality Director, Ferrarelle

Alba Dakoli Wilson, Deputy Team Leader, ISWM Berat Project, FLAG

Alba Dakoli Wilson

Deputy Team Leader, ISWM Berat Project, FLAG

Pier Luigi Fedrizzi, CEO, I&S Informatica

Pier Luigi Fedrizzi

CEO & founding partner, I&S Informatica e Servizi

Neal Forse, Co-founder & CTO, IoT Solutions

Neal Forse

Co-founder & CTO, IoT Solutions Group

Angelo Merlin, Partner, Merlin & Tonellotto (Assoreca)

Angelo Merlin

Partner, Merlin & Tonellotto


Benedetta Copertaro

Research & Development Scientist, Newster System

Antonio Batistini

CTIO, NextChem

Trond Olaf Christophersen

SVP & Head of Recycling Business Unit, Norsk Hydro

Tommaso Rossetti, Product Lead, Petrochemicals, Sapiem

Tommaso Rossetti

Product Lead, Petrochemicals, Saipem

Alain Dedieu, Schneider Electric

Alain Dedieu

President, Water & Waste Water Segment, Industrial Automation Business, Schneider Electric

Lisa Pelenghi, Founder and Expert in Health and Safety, Soluzioni (Assoreca)

Lisa Pelenghi

Founder and Expert in Health and Safety, Soluzioni

Manuel Amador Cervera, The University of Deusto

Manuel Amador Cervera

Researcher, Life Cycle Assessment and the Circular Economy,
Deusto Institute of Technology (DeustoTech), Faculty of Engineering, The University of Deusto

Pierluigi Berna

Marketing Manager, IWE

Simone Grasso

Country Manager, CYRKL Italy, CYRKL

Sander Derks

Sales Manager, Smicon

Paolo Peri

CEO, Kima Eko Engineering

Nicolas Meletiou

  Eso Recycling

Giacomo Gardini

Project Manager, Agromatrici

Geert Jan Pastoor

Executive Director & Owner, Pastoor Consult

Fabrizio Adani

Professor of Soil Chemistry, Soil and Environment, Department of Agricultural Sciences and Environment, University of Milan

Cristina Del Piccolo

Process & R&D Manager and Chief Technical Officer, Evaled Division, Veolia Water Technologies

Antti Nikkanen

CEO, Trombia Technologies

Juan Carlos Orozco

Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer, Celsa Group

Sergio Stagni

Consultant Business Developer, TONISSIPOWER

Mario Schembri

CEO, GreenPak Co-op (EXPRA)

Jaana Røine,

Business Unit Lead, Green Dot Norway (EXPRA)

Gianluca Conforti

Head of Control, Performance Analysis and Contract Management, Aprica

Ermanno Camerinelli

Sustainability Specialist, Berbrand

Emanuele Bertoli

CEO & founder, Berbrand

David Lukac

Head of System Development Department, EKO-KOM (EXPRA)

Daniele Landi

Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering, The University of Bergamo

Amanda Fuso Nerini

Head of International Affairs, CONAI (EXPRA)

Alessandro Bertacchini

Business Development Manager, Waste To Energy, Turboden

Jan Bogaert, Business Unit Lead, UnitronConnect

Jan Bogaert

Business Unit Lead, UnitronConnect