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Lady Be

Stand Padiglione A

Italian artist, Lady Be, formally known as Letizia Lanzarotti, has been creating vibrant mosaics since 2009. These works of art serve as significant environmental awareness statements, emphasising sustainability. The pieces, which fetch anything from 5,000 to 20,000 euros, utilise inexpensive materials such as pens, buttons, caps, bottles and even broken toys. These materials are amassed from beaches, schools, and markets. Lady Be's aim is to make people contemplate the recycling of everyday items that, if not discarded appropriately, can cause extensive environmental pollution, particularly impacting future generations.

All the materials integrated into the artwork are unaltered, retained in their original colour and shape as much as possible, thus ensuring their recognisability in the end piece. This strengthens the message to the viewer, who identifies the objects and reflects on the act of discarding and reusing them. It gives the found items a new life and remarkable value in the artwork, economically as well.

Lady Be's art has already graced museums, monuments, foundations, and galleries across the globe, with exhibitions in Miami, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Budapest, Brussels, Vienna, Malta and Italy. A solo exhibition has been on display at the Terminal 1 of Milano Malpensa airport since 2019. In 2024, Lady Be will showcase her work in Los Angeles in February, in New York in April, and two exhibitions are scheduled for Slovenia later in the year. In addition, she will also participate in the Barcelona Art Biennale at the Meam Museum in late October. Many other exhibitions and events in Italy are planned, including a significant event with the Italian Environment Fund (FAI).

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