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Ministero Ambiente Sicurezza Energetica
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FOSAN plans, establishes and coordinates studies and research in the food sector, with a focus on the implementation of circular economy principles within agri-food supply chains.

Since its foundation, FOSAN has been connected to the reality of small and medium-sized enterprises in the agri-food industry. To these, it offers scientific advice and support in improving business performances.

FOSAN is committed to the development of new foods with the aim of reducing food waste and introducing high quality products to the market.

Furthermore, it dedicates resources to food and environmental education in a One Health perspective by developing educational courses for students and teacher training in primary and secondary schools; an educational experience rich in practical tools, skills and innovative pedagogical approaches to integrate sustainability into daily teaching.

Since October 2022, it has been dealing with PFAS contamination through the webpage 'Osservatorio PFAS', established in April 2023. The Observatory is monitoring the situation on a national and international level, providing information supported by scientific evidence and accredited by its Scientific Committee; it also organises webinars and conferences on the topic, such as the forthcoming conference "PFAS: Valutazione del Rischio nella filiera agroalimentare dalla produzione primaria al confezionamento. Una visione One Health" in Rome and Padua, which will involve, in addition to lecturers and technicians, numerous representatives of institutions (ISS, ISPRA, Veneto Region and Ministry of Health). The speakers will discuss biological decontamination risk management strategies, packaging and the consequences on the health of the population.

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