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ENVEA is a world class manufacturer of ambient, emission and process monitoring systems, with full turnkey capabilities. We provide cutting-edge on-line monitoring solutions for industry, laboratory and local & government institutions. Faithful to our principles: eco-innovation, sustainability, ethics and shared value, we are committed to providing solutions at the highest standards.

ENVEA manufactures high-precision monitoring systems as well as environmental data processing and reporting solutions with extensive knowledge in the development of complete turnkey solutions. We assist entities in complying with applicable regulations and with optimizing industrial processes for improved efficiency and reduced environmental impacts:

  • Process optimization solutions - Monitoring instruments for process control
  • Stack emissions CEMS for regulatory compliance - Continuous emissions monitoring systems (gas, flow and particulates, dioxins & mercury samplers)
  • Ambient monitoring - Multi-parameter air quality monitoring reference stations (gases and particulates), sensor-based micro-stations, data management solutions for urban and industrial air pollution networks…

Our products and technologies provide consistent and reliable performance, greater efficiency, cost reduction, manageability, and sustainability.

Our worldwide references guarantee a perfect understanding of your needs and ability to manage a vast range of applications: More than 40.000 air quality monitors are measuring the pollution of cities worldwide. Over 30 000 processes & emission sources are monitored worldwide across a broad range of industries such as: chemical, minerals, metal, waste to energy, incineration, food and pharma, engine manufacturers, or wood industry.

A European pole of excellence with R&D and manufacturing centers in France, Germany & United Kingdom, together with world-class turnkey manufacturing centers in USA, Italy, China and India, our instruments are supported by a global sales and service subsidiary network as well as distributors in over 100 countries.

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