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Call for Speakers

Europe’s leading event dedicated to reducing, recycling and reusing returns to Bergamo (Italy) for its 3rd annual edition.

Call For Speakers WME2024
Taking place between 9th and 11th April 2024

The Waste Management Europe conference & exhibition is building upon previous editions with a larger and more diverse conference programme bringing together thousands of leading waste management and circular economy experts, executives and policymakers.

Last year we welcomed nearly 5,000 dedicated industry professionals and decision-makers to Bergamo and in 2024 we expect to increase these numbers by more than 30% based on the major interest and commitment already shown by international organisations.

WME 2024 Call for Speakers Timeline

We now call for your expertise as a potential speaker on the strategic agenda, or technical theatre, and invite you to upload a short (300-600 word) abstract of your proposed speech or presentation

Improving Environmental Sustainability:

Delivering on better recycling practices, tackling waste pollution, slashing GHG emissions, improving water, soil and air quality and implementing innovations and engineering to succeed. Meet the brightest, most innovative minds providing the solutions and technologies that will solve these challenges.

Tackling Climate Change:

Waste produced but not reused contributes significantly to the release of potent GHGs particularly with landfill and in energy production. Organisations striving towards the Paris Agreement need to understand all elements of their business processes and how these might contribute towards climate change.

Better Resource Conservation:

With improved management of waste and recycling practices, consumers and industry will better conserve precious natural resources. Connect with major producers and utilisers of natural resources including leading names in mining, energy production, construction and ecosystem management.

Growing the Economic Benefits:

The European Union estimate that more than 700,000 new jobs could be created through the circular economy if we push to move away from single-use, wasteful practices. Discover where these growth sectors and opportunities will lie.

Clarifying Regulation & Laws:

Many countries have legal requirements for waste management and recycling. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines, legal action, and damage to a company’s reputation. Learn what the very latest developments in regulation will mean from your organization.

Raise Greater Public Perception:

As consumers become more environmentally conscious they will seek out businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability – and shun those that fail to do so. How are you striving to create a trusted brand that today’s consumers will recognise as being sustainable and responsible?

Strategic Conference Themes

Delivering Sustainability & the Circular Economy

  • Applying innovative processes to slash waste
  • Delivering on goals to reduce consumption and prevent waste being created
  • “Designing out” waste – latest case studies and concepts

Funding & Financing Low-Impact, Low-Waste Industries

  • Circular economy strategies that reduce investor risks
  • Realigning organizations to ESG-oriented investment strategies
  • Driving medium and long-term competitiveness from embracing a zero-waste approach

Food & Agricultural Waste Management Strategies

  • Building better food systems to eliminate waste
  • Use for food waste – animal feeds, bio-products and more
  • Biogas and Anaerobic digestion gas to power projects

Reducing Business & Industrial Consumption – Cutting Waste

  • Cutting energy and materials consumption, raising efficiencies
  • Measuring the ecological footprint of your business
  • Effective energy and materials management strategies to save money and cut waste
  • Critical importance of driving efficiencies during the ongoing energy cost challenge

Tackling Waste Crime – Regional, National & International Regulations

  • Latest initiatives and laws shared and debated
  • Inspiring case studies from law enforcement and regulators
  • Driving cultural change from the ground up
  • Engaging with businesses and citizens to drive down waste crime

Regional & National Strategies & Case Studies

  • Where are we seeing bold, ambitious innovation in waste management?
  • International, National and Regional case studies shared
  • Engaging latest technologies with practical implementations
  • Driving greater cooperation between regions and nations to slash waste

Recycling and Reuse Strategies for Success

  • How can we reclaim more and landfill / burn less of our waste?
  • Examining the technologies and processes that enable recycling of materials that once were too contaminated to reuse
  • How can strategies and technologies be better integrated across waste management systems to significantly raise recycling levels?

Plastic Waste – Next Developments and Regulations

  • Forecasts of plastic taxes across the EU and impacts on producers
  • How can we phase out single use plastics across consumer and industrial manufacturing processes entirely?
  • New technologies and innovations in packaging and materials storage

Tackling Water Shortages Through Better Management, Treatment & Recycling

  • Improving water treatment processes and quality for users
  • Innovations and solutions to sewage and waste water management
  • Environmental and biodiversity best-practices examined

Technical Theatre Themes

The technical conference will be run in a specially-built theatre in the Exhibition Hall and will be free-to-attend – open to all visitors, conference delegates, and exhibitors.

Please note that we will only offer Technical Theatre speaking opportunities to exhibitors and sponsors of Waste Management Europe 2024.

  • Transportation & Collection Services
  • RFID, Monitoring & Tracking Technologies
  • Hazardous Waste Handling & Management
  • Water Waste Management
  • Waste to Energy Technologies
  • Metals Recycling & Processing
  • Renewable Waste-to-Energy
  • Secure Product Destruction
  • Liquid Waste Management
  • Plastic and Packaged Goods Recycling
  • Site Contamination & Cleanup
  • R&D Innovations
  • Agricultural & Food Waste Management
  • Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion
  • Machinery & Plant
  • Health & Safety Products & Solutions
  • Zero Waste to Landfill Applications
  • Electronic Waste Recycling
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Waste Management

Please apply here to be considered as a speaker (based on the above requirements)

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