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About Strategic Conference

WME Strategic Conference

The Strategic Conference programme has been curated with the knowledge of our conference team and with the guidance of our Advisory Board. The programme includes the opening ceremony, keynote addresses, ministers in conversation, and CEO-led panels. With contributions from executive leaders from multiple industries, investors, and entrepreneurs, these discussions will inspire authentic action on how to reach the Waste Zero Industry and a more Sustainable Future.

The three-day of international conference offers comprehensive coverage with expert speakers from around the world, with expert and deep-dives into the following themes:

Delivering Sustainability & the Circular Economy

  • Implementing innovative processes to reduce waste
  • Attaining objectives to decrease consumption and prevent waste generation
  • Showcasing the latest case studies and concepts in “designing out” waste

Wastewater & Water Delivery: Better Management, Treatment & Recycling

  • Enhancing water treatment processes and quality for users
  • Introducing innovations and solutions for sewage and wastewater management
  • Examining environmental and biodiversity best practices

Greener, Smarter Cities & Regions: Learning from the Best

  • Showcasing case studies in waste management delivered by city & regional leadership
  • Sharing international, national, and regional case studies
  • Integrating cutting-edge technologies with practical implementations
  • Promoting greater cooperation between regions and nations to reduce waste

Utilising Waste-to-Energy Cleanly & Efficiently

  • Harnessing waste efficiently to cleaner energy
  • Applications to drive more efficient, cleaner waste to energy processes
  • More effective technologies to slash carbon emissions and minimise ash waste
  • Practical applications of Waste-to-Energy with case studies

Harnessing AI and Big Data for Sustainable, Smarter Solutions

  • Maximising recycling efficiency through advanced applications of technology

  • Understanding the value of digitalised operations and applications

  • Driving innovation through embracing big data, cloud and RFID opportunities

  • Delivering more accurate, advanced, multi-purpose recycling operations for clients

Food & Agricultural Waste Management Strategies

  • Developing improved food systems to eliminate waste

  • Exploring uses for food waste, such as animal feed and bio-products

  • Highlighting biogas and anaerobic digestion projects

Reducing Business & Industrial Consumption – Cutting Waste

  • Decreasing energy and material consumption while enhancing efficiencies

  • Assessing the ecological footprint of your business

  • Implementing effective energy and materials management strategies to save money and reduce waste

  • Addressing the ongoing challenge of energy costs

Plastic Waste – Next Developments and Regulations

  • Predicting the implementation of plastic taxes across the EU and their impact on producers

  • Phasing out single-use plastics in consumer and industrial manufacturing processes

  • Showcasing innovations in packaging and materials storage

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